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I'd like to synchronize tempo between my TRIO+ and my Jamman Solo XT.
I use the TRIO+ for making backing tracks part by part and I record them in my Jamman Solo XT where I can add overdubs safely the main track is still in the TRIO+, untouched.
Setting the tempo before recording the track in the JSXT according to the one from the TRIO+ (using the TRIO manager to find what the exact tempo is used) is not really accurate and efficient (and you can only enter round numbers for the bpm).
Why am I doing this ? Simply to be able to have a JSXT full of backing tracks on the SD card even without drums when I play with a drummer. But as I try to have clean backing track I'd also like to have the right "native" tempo in the JSXT.
Don't know if it is possible to synchronize the two devices like two JSXT (Jamman Sync) can. So I got the idea to hack the Jamman Solo XT database file where all the infos are stored for each loop. But the tempo is not saved in clear and I can't find how to decode this field in which a 120 bpm (as seen in the JamManager XT) as this value : 1123024896.
If I could translate real life bpm even with decimals to a value readable and accurate for the JSXT it would solve the problem of non syncing possibility between TRIO+ and JSXT.
I have two more questions about database fields. What data is stored in :

  • guidoriginal
  • guidpatch
  • guidphrase


  • It is not possible to sync the JamMan Solo XT and Trio+ via something similar as JamSync no, this is why we added a Looper portion to the Trio+ as people were using the original Trio with a Looper after.

    The SDRUM pedal does have JamSync however.

  • frdrc13frdrc13 Posts: 8
    edited December 2020

    So as a sync option is not available (I've expected that answer), it would be awesome if you could give me some info about my questions regarding the database file to sync exact tempos by entering value.

  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,100
    edited December 2020

    @frdrc13 said:
    So as a sync option is not available (I've expected that answer), it would be awesome if you could give me some info about my questions regarding the database file to sync exact tempos by entering value.

    The only file I am aware of is the .xml file and you can edit values there and dial in exact BPM info. I've edited out the brackets cause it will not post correctly here

    BeatsPerMinute 115.163
    BeatsPerMeasure 4

    You can get access to these files by utilizing an SD card to save your loops to in the JamMan and then putting the card into your PC with a card reader.

    I have no idea on the other database file you mentioned and any engineer that worked on it is no longer with the company to ask.

  • Too bad the developpers aren't there anymore. Thanx for your researches.
    On my side I kept trying to find out how to get right the native bpm of the JMSXT .wav files obtained by recording backing tracks from the TRIO+ (yes, the JMSXT doesn't catch the correct bpm even if you set the tempo before recording. Certainly due to its own way to process signal and start and stop).

    On my computer in Drive:\Users\Username\DigiTech\JamManager I have a JamManager.db.sqlite which is a db file. I've edited it and enter the values I needed. I not quite sure this is the right way to do it because of the .xml files on the SD card (thought all data in the card would be like on the TRIO+ i.e. not "readable" without special tools).
    So I edited the .wav files in my DAW to make sure they have the right tempo or to change the tempo to a round number (wasn't sure how I could just enter other kind of values in those fields because they seem to be coded. I still think it's a kind of code the keyed values are changed in some other numbers all starting with 112 as I mentionned earlier).
    After putting back edited .wav to the JMSXT (with the JamManager), some of them work (i.e. the song tempo and the JMSXT click match) and some don't and "desync" (i.e. JMSXT click and the song beat live their own lives) even if in the DAW the .wav is perfectly sync with the click and the song beat from the TRIO+ which is supposed to be square.
    Thanx to you again (for .xmls), now I know what some fiedls in the db are : the db stores all the data found in the .xlm files on the sd card. I assume the internal memory is organized the same way (can't access it like the sd card. So if I have to mod some loops infos without the JamManager here I have to copy them in the sd card and put them back, not really handy).

    I also find out that bpm can be edited within the JamManager (at first the field seemed to be just informative in the software window).
    All of that "walkthrough" started because I thought bpm couldn't be edited within the JamManager (mine refused to change that value or rounded it when I tried). A glitch I guess because I can do it now.

    I'm gonna try to edit bpm with the JamManager and see if it works because I'm not sure that modding the .xml files would be the best solution. If you have 2 loops that's ok but for 35 ?

    Well I hope this might be useful for other users to understand a bit more how JMSXT works (if my english is correct and explanations too o:) ).

  • The Tempo in the JamManager is just the Rhythm Track tempo, not the tempo of the Loop itself.

    If you figure something out, feel free to share a solution, but other than that, there is not going to be a way to grab an exact tempo from the Trio+ to a JamMan Solo XT from an official method from Digitech etc.

    Good luck in your research.

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