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Trio+ Connections - Using Multiple Acoustic Boxes

tim45431tim45431 Posts: 1
edited June 27 in DigiTech Products

I currently have my acoustic guitar plugged directly into my Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer and from the VE-8 to a LR Baggs Venue DI and then directly into the mixer. I have just received my Trio+ and any thoughts on where it should go and how would be greatly welcomed. How can I get a clean guitar sound to teach the band on the Trio+ and still get a clean enough signal into my VE-8 to use the slight vocal enhancement/correction and vocal harmonies that I normally use. Where and how would the Venue fit in?

Currently I go: Acoustic Guitar > Trio+ Guitar In > Trio+ Amp Out > VE8 Guitar In > VE8 Guitar Out > Venue DI Input > Venue Output to Mixer channel 6

Trio+ Mixer Out > Mixer channel 7

I am not using the FX loops on either the Trio+ or the Venue and I am not sure if this is the optimal way but it seems to sound ok so far.

I welcome any ideas/thoughts for improement. Thank you very much!

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