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Does the RP360 XP control the effects, chain in Logic Pro X with the RP360 XP's knobs and switches?

I plan on buying an RP360 XP and the FS3X so I can use it with my iMac Version 10.14.5, mac OS Mojave with Logic Pro X Version 10.4.4 thru USB.
Will I be able to control the Logic Pro X's effect, effects chain settings with the RP360 XP's pedals, switches and knobs?
Or will I still have to do that with my computer's mouse and keyboard?
I have an RP350 that I use with the X-editor software (not the NEXUS software) and works seperatly when I adjust or make changes with that pedal's effects.
I like this pedals effects and also some of Logics Pro X's effects and use them both separately.
I'm looking to get a multi pedal/foot controller that i can use the pedals effects itself when in use and switch to control and adjust the computers/Logic's Pro X's effects and effect's chain with just the one unit.
Being able to make adjustments to control the computer's effects, effects chain and swith back and forth to the pedal itself is what I'm not clear if that's what what the RP360 XP can do using all the knobs, switches and expression/wah wah pedal.
Any response &/or information at your earliest convenience would be very appreciated.
Thank you.


  • fatsoofatsoo Posts: 3

    I don't ink so.....troduas far as I have gotten with the pedal. I introduce the rp360xt signal to Logic Pro (via usb) as an audio track. All the processing for that usb signal is done in the pedal (even if you use Nexus library for choosing the processing characteristics or presets). So the pedal acts as the audio interface but instead of sending raw audio data, it processes the preset (choose via Nexus library or buttons knobs on the pedal) before Logic Pro even receives the data. So as far as the stages of processing; you can add to the pedals influence to the input signal with Logic Pro effects/modeling/tools after the pedal is finished its job. But you can't control logics interface with the pedal. The pedal has already played its part in manipulating the signal by the time logic even sees it. The pedal can only send processed signals. You have full control of manipulating the singnal until it is recorded into logic. I hope that helps....

  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,111
    edited January 2020

    The RP360XP is not a DAW controller for VST's and built in software effects, it can only control it's own internal FX.

    You would probably need a MIDI controller of some sort or another custom solution for this

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