jammanager crashes when I try to start it on my Mac

I am trying to copy some loop from the internal drive of my jaman stero to my mac. I do not have an external card

I am using https://digitech.com/en/softwares/jammanager-xt-v2-3-5-mac-os-x-52ee012f-eff3-4a4d-98d4-b507b58b6ee8/download on Mac OS 10.13.6 High Sierra

when I tried to syc for the first time it crashed. I tried restarting several times always crashes

I deleted the software and reinstalled still crashes on start

Is there some way I can just mount the internal storage? I really do not want to use the software. All I am trying to do is copy some loops off the pedal and send them to a band mate

very very frustrating.

In general I really like this pedal and use it almost daily


  • AodhanAodhan Posts: 1

    Hey having same problem, even got hold of a beta version that seemed to be more stable but turned out it wasn't writing correctly to the pedal and some loop shad been turned into loud static.

    Wondering if you found any solution?

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