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Using GNX3000 to record but want to monitor with something else

Hi everyone, brand new here, I'm having trouble routing all my audio in my home setup.

I'm using my GNX3000 to record on a laptop (using trial version of Cubase 10.5) and the audio out just plays back through the amp that's connected to the pedal. Volume is already an issue because it's a 100w Marshall w 4x12, but I'd rather use the computer speakers for monitoring. Does anyone know how to bypass the amp and go into my mixer? TIA!


  • Hello,

    You will need to change the output device within Cubase to be your interface or device that is transmitting to the monitors. In Cubase 10.5, this should be under Studio>Audio Connections. You will notice that both the input and output devices will be set to the GNX3K. If you are using an interface that utilizes the ASIO driver, then it might be that this won't be possible with that device since the GNX3K uses the MME/DirectX driver. Most DAWs can't do both simultaneously.

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