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Problem with exp pedal. Digitech rp360xp.

Expression pedal does not work at all in presets. During calibration, it always shows "calibration error". Everything seems good. What could be wrong?


  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 735

    Some presets do use the expression pedal as a volume pedal, wah or whammy, so it may not work on every preset the way you expect on certain presets.

    For the calibration error, try to factory reset the pedal (hold store on boot up, release store and press and hold store again) and try calibrating. If it still gives you errors you will need to look into a service option by emailing tech support [email protected]

  • TDonnadioTDonnadio Posts: 2

    Wicked, I am having the exact same issue with my RP360XP. No matter what I have tried, I can't get the pedal to work, and I cannot get the calibration error to clear. I believe the small, optical sensor board directly under the pedal has failed.

    I emailed HARMAN_EElde today about it, and he is checking with his tech folks on what the problem may be. If it is the small, optical sensor board, to me, it looks like a pretty easy job to unsolder its sturdy ribbon cable to remove the bad board. It would then be just as easy to solder a working replacement back onto the ribbon cable.

    I am looking forward to the reply, along with hoping for an easy fix!

  • I was able to repair the expression pedal on my RP360XP, that during calibration always showed "Calibration Error", to full functionality! There is an optical sensor on a small circuit board directly under the pedal that failed:

    I contacted Harman about buying a replacement for the small circuit board, and here is their reply:

    Hello Tony.
    I have verified and unfortunately we do not sell the sensor board, but we do have the sensor available.

    70-3169 - OPTO,SEN,SFH9201,REFL INTRPT,S06-SM
    Part is in stock, $1.55 + shipping + tax

    Please call 844-776-4899 opt 1 to make an order.

    Customer Service Representative
    Harman Professional Solutions

    3000 Research Drive
    Richardson, Texas 75082
    United States
    Phone: +1 844-776-4899
    Web: www.harman.com

    I called their parts number and purchased 3 of the sensors (in case I messed 1 or 2 of them up in the fine soldering that is required), costing a grand total of less than $9. The parts guy was super friendly, and I received the 3 sensors in less than one week.

    My soldering skills are not the greatest, but the original sensor snipped out easily, and the first replacement put into place worked like a charm:

    After putting the RP360XP all back together, I was able to power it up and step through each calibration step of the onboard expression pedal with no issues!

    Thanks again Harman Customer Service and Parts for getting me on the right track!

  • Awesome! Glad you got it up and rolling. Thanks for the update!

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