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Jamman Solo XT + FS3X

I dreamt about a firmware update for the TRIO+ plugged wtih a FS3X https://proforums.harman.com/digitech/discussion/137193/trio-firmware-update#latest. So as I also have a Jamman Solo XT I'm still dreaming about a firmware update to enhance remoted control with the FS3X beyond the 3 "poor" shipped possibilities (but quite usefull). It would be great to have these functionnalities :

(FS1 + FS2) press once = arm/start the loop recording according to the Arc settings
(FS2 + FS3) press once = play the loop

(FS1 + FS2) hold = switch between Arc setting ON/OFF
(FS2 + FS3) hold = switch between playback options LoP (loop) / S in (single)

Because having a remote is not just to occupy space on your board but controling your device main operations with less actions applied directly :smiley: (and just because your looper is not the nearest pedal on your board)


  • Well, I'm gonna answer my own post : demand denied !
    According to my understanding of the wiring diagrams of FS3X clones found on line, FS3X only offers 3 actions at once and combining FS is not an option (because pressing/holding FS1+FS2 acts like pressing/holding FS3 alone. I've tested it and FS3X acted just as described in clones diagrams). So the only way to add fonctionalities without modding the FS3X is, like for the TRIO+, to add 2 more set of 3 commands (one for each FS) in the firmware. Like the TRIO+ you can access each set by unplugging the jack, pressing and holding the FS triggering the set you want select while you replug the TRS jack in the device.

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