Updates to RP-1000 / Hardware Related

Hi All,

I've been a Digi fan ever since my first unit - a GSP-21 Pro, then onto a GSP-21 Legend, then GSP-2120 ( which still sounds awesome ), now an RP-1000.

Does anyone know if there will be any updates to the RP-1000, or possibly a newer model? It seems that other companies are driving in the fast lane and passing Digi.

TIA - Vijay


  • I've been on the fence about getting an RP1000 for a little while, but have finally decided to go that route. I have an RP355 which has been great for home/jamming use but not the most pracitcal for gigging. Having looked at whats out there in the same price range however, I'm still leaning towards the RP. I think it sounds better than both the Boss Gt100 & the Line 6 Firehawk.

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    Hi. Since 1993 I've played a Digitech product: GSP21 Pro, GSP2101, GSP2101 Artist, GNX3000 and RP1000.
    I'm happy with RP1000, but I'm a little dissapointed cause for a few years there's no firmware upgrades and nothing what tell us "we are working in that". Even XEdit Windows 10.
    I miss the post selling service of Soundcraft, for example, that is developing new features for UI24R (I have it).
    I think and I'm sorry the poor concern to us from Digitech.

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