How the hell i couls import audio to my jamman stero?

Hi everybody!

I'm trying to import my audio wav to my jamman stereo using the jammanager program, but it doesnt works. I tried with the 2.3.5 and the 2.0 versions. I'm using windows 10

At first it seems that the audio is copied (i tried with the internal and the external memory), but when i selected my audio in the device, the wav is deselected automatically. In the other hand, the audio works in my library, i could select it and play it properly.

The jammanager creates an XML in my sd card but the folder "Patch01" is empty.

Are someone getting problems too?

Thanks and sorry for my english


  • Here is my audio information:

    Tipo: Audio
    Códec: PCM S16 LE (s16l)
    Canales: Estéreo
    Tasa de muestra: 44100 Hz
    Bits por muestra: 16

    Are the stereo the problem?

    May i try with another version of Windows?

  • DanidesDanides Posts: 1

    My friend, the same here on OSX. In the first day of use I regret buying this Jamman Stereo... Continuosly popping up the message that I'm not connected (I read about other users with the same problem) FAKE link to the inexistent manual and an old incomplete and incomprehensible tutorial on youtube. I can't believe that after so many years on the market there isn't a simple, reliable software to manage loops on computer, or at least a bad software with a manual.
    I read comments of unhappy users on the web but I was too optimist about improvements over the years. I was wrong.
    Digitech/Harman doesn't want our money? Maybe, because I believe I'll return the Jamman to the shop.

  • Hi! Thanks for your reply!

    In the beginnings, the software that they provide works perfectly. But this past years i don't know what happened! I had the same problem (Device not connected) in the past but i solve it. But now i don't know what to do.

    It doesnt make sense to me. It's a good looper, a good hardware, but i don't know what's the problem with the software. Or, if someone knows a way to copy the wavs without the software, please help us with the format of the XML etc...

  • HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Sr. Manager, Professional Services Group Posts: 56

    Hi guys, have either of you tried to contact Tech Support for your issue(s)? Let me know if I can help connect you to your respective Harman Pro Tech Support channels.

  • Yes, I did it before writing in the forum. I wrote here too because your support would help other users that enter in this forum. Less work for you, i suppose.

    Thanks! And sorry for my english again.

  • Hi!

    I tried to copy the same .wav that i described in this post using windows XP and the jammanager XT 2.0. and it works. But i can't select the tempo of the rythm with that version. I read in your the website that version 2.3.5. isn't compatible with Windows XP. It's correct?

    How could i change the tempo now? I tried to change the XML that jammanager creates using this web:,editer-les-fichier-xml-du-jamman.html

    Could I change the tempo only using the pedal?

    I tried to copy my xml but the forum doesn't publish it (because security issues, i suppose).

    Help me please!

  • I tried in my old computer with Windows 10 and Jammanager 2.3.5. and ir i don't know what's the problem with my new computer. Maybe i'll try a hard unnistall of the jammanager...

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