JamManagerXT Problems

I have a JamMan stereo looper and I have problems using JamManagerXT with it. I have installed V2.0 on my PC Win7 Pro 32bits SP1 as far as V2.3.5 doesnt work on this PC.
I have installed V2.3.5 on my laptop Win 7 Pro x64 it works. But On both computers it works erraticaly. I have seen many identical comments on various forums. It seems it is coming from the driver as far as some times the JamMan stereo is not recognized. Sometimes it works for a certain time than disconnects. We would appreciate an update working normally. The JamMan Stereo is a very good machine, It is a pity that the soft is really poor. We are in 2019 !!! Thanks for keeping me informed of an update.
Your Faitfully from France.


  • SAME PROBLEM!! Both laptop and desktop Windows 10 machines "Could not read firmware version of device..." keeps coming up. "JS 1.3" displays when I power up the JamMan Stereo. This used to happen regularly on my laptop but never on my desktop. I love the JamMan Stereo but have ALWAYS had trouble with JamManager XT connecting reliably … is there a driver fix out there? Help!!

  • Come on DigiTech pay one of your software developers to fix the JamManagerXT software so all of us using your products can tell everyone how great they work. This is unacceptable!!! Get with the program please!!

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