anyone have some insight on gpio function? the dream is to have our blu100 use GPO to send a command to our video switcher causing it to recall a preset using the scheduler in the bss. the switcher can do this no problem...its just how to get the bss to fire some form of command.

there is very little info out there about the gpio so hoping the hive mind here might have some thoughts



  • HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Sr. Manager, Professional Services Group Posts: 131

    GPIO (general purpose input/output) are ports that can be used to either sense a contact closure and do some function, or send out a contact closure based on some criteria. It is programmed thru Audio Architect. Not sure they can send out a command though; that's more of a serial port's job. If the switcher can recall a preset based on contact closure then it should work though. I'd recommend checking out the BLU manual and look into BSS Audio Architecct Training.

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