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Lexicon I-O 22 | windows 10 | microphone is not working

Hi, i have a difficult problem with my Lexicon I-O 22. When i switched windows 7 to windows 10, my sound card stopped working correctly. It means, that my microphone stopped working in programs like skype and zoom, but still working in cubase. I tried to delete the drivers and download new drivers for lexicon, but its not help. Interestingly, when I just install a new driver, the microphone starts working, but another problem appears - the speakers stop working. When I restart my computer, the microphone stops working again and the speakers work. What do you think could be the problem?


  • Make sure your PC's Sound Card drivers are the latest and you have the latest .net Framework. Other than that, Microsoft has changed their Audio End Point Drivers considerably and this has made some problems for the Lexicon interfaces. Unfortunately with the product's life cycle all been at a end for several years, I am not sure post product development support will be possible to fix any issues in the way of new drivers on our end.

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