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Mac 2000 Issues

Hello. Having a few issues with a mac 2000. Once the lamp is on, the service light is coming and the error is fixture temp. I went to the info screen and it only said 70 deg. From what I can see 120 deg is the cut off.

I have also been getting LERR, randomly and I have had a reboot of the fixture randomly.

The screen has been weird. Not had this since re seating the connectors. Can anyone offer any help please? Many thanks


  • HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Product Management Posts: 183

    Harman Pro Tech Support may be able to help. Have you tried them? (844) 776-4899 or https://pro.harman.com/service

  • Hello !
    Seem have different problem from this old beast.

    First, for the cut off, do they happen also if the fixture is connected on a console ? I remember having trouble from the lamp off option that shut down the lamp if they are no DMX for about + 20 minutes. Also LERR can hapen if cover from the heat is remove, neons light can disturb the sensor.

    Second point, for the random reboot, maybe a PSU problem, or one wire damaged on the yoke/arm, and make a small short circuit enough to reboot the CPU.

    Hope this help you ;)

  • I suggest that you also include the TDP for each processor as you had on the table to posted on another thread? I am not sure whether it's ever a consideration when upgrading but it would be a nice to have for completeness.

  • HARMAN_Brandon RobbinsHARMAN_Brandon Robbins Product And Application Support Posts: 1
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    Have you tried replacing the lamp. Sometimes the lamp can be hard striking and can cause very odd issues to occur with the display and the main PCB. In addition to this a bad lamp can strike, but not be enough to trigger the lamp sensor, which will cause it to throw erroneous LEER.

  • Hi,

    Which version of MAC 2000 do you have issues with?

    With LERR this is quite often caused by a faulty light sensor. They should be clear in colour and as they age they become brown in colour. Generally the browner they are the more and more intermitent they become.

    Kind regards,


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