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Mac 250 Circuit disgram

Hi all, I’m looking for a. Mac 250 circuit diagram.
When I left my old company i left all my diagrams there . I’m pretty sure what wrong with the lights I have but my customer has a gig on the 27th of this month and I need to cover all bases.
The lighting bar took three phase and took out all six Macs.
The last time I had this it was the bridge rectifier and three Zeners one for each supply 5v,12v. And if I remember rightly the other was a 30odd volt rail.
Can anyone please help.


  • PRVPRV Posts: 1
    Hi can any one please help with a Mac 250 corcuit diagram.
    My client has a gig in a couple of days and the lights took three phase on the last gig.
  • Hello,

    D7 should be a 39V zener.
    Anyway 50% chance the cpu have burn, or the regulator behind.
    A quick fix is to remove the zener and the board should start if they are no more damage, but best is to check the regulator first.
    Good luck

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