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Auxillary Mixes

I have bandmates on my stage that would like to bring a set of their earphones to our gigs and use them with their iPads to get their own auxiliary mix. I heard that you can do this with the Soundcraft Ui mixers. We are working with Soundcraft's Ui16 mixer. Can they get their mixes by just plugging their headphones into their iPads and bringing up their mixes on the Ui browser? I heard that there may be latency but that our external router should help us out with latency. We have a really good router and a great computer tech that has set our router up really well. Do you think that our band can pull this off as Soundcraft advertises with their Ui advertises?


  • HARMAN_TderHARMAN_Tder Posts: 184

    They can use their Ipads to control their mixes but the audio must come from the Ui's XLR outputs- There is NO audio streaming capability. Each musician will need to have some sort of headphone amplifier like a Behringer P1 or P2 depending on whether you want the mix to be mono or stereo

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