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Notepad 12fx Clipping/Peaking on Mac and iPad Pro

I’ve noticed audio clipping when playing USB audio from my Mac and iPad Pro. It’s quite significant on the iPad Pro. Has anyone experienced this?


  • I have the same problem on macOS (I dont have an iPad). the clipping is the most annoying on facetime calls. My workaround is to turn dow the volume a little bit on itunes. (and basically everywhere else there is a volume bar)
    The interesting thing is, when playing music with audirvana, the sound is good. Audirvana hijacks the audio output.
    So I have no ideai where is the problem. Maybe there is a problem on macos/ios side sending too high audio signal, I dont know, but it would be great, if there was a proper solution.

  • Mielie80Mielie80 Posts: 3

    That’s what I’ve encountered too. In Apple Music on my MacBook Pro I have turned down the pre-gain inside the EQ settings. This helped. I didn’t try my iPad yet. Does the clipping via iPad occurs when listening to iTunes/Apple Music or does it also happen when you’re in a iOS DAW or synth? I hope there’s a solution for this.

  • FreedyFreedy Posts: 4

    The most annoying when making a phone call with facetime app through my iphone. In facetime app there is no volume/gain control.

  • I get this when audio is being playing from youtube on my Mac, so I have to trim the youtube player. I don’t think the issue occurs when using a DAW.

  • Mielie80Mielie80 Posts: 3
    I’ve hooked up my iPad via the USB on the Notepad 12 FX and I’ve tried many synths and DAW’s. The sound is clipping, crackling, pops and distorted when I use my studio monitors and play something from a synth. This is really annoying. I’ve tried to re-install the MacOS set up and fooled around with the 3/4 5/6 7/8 and Main L/R as USB return but nothing works out. I can’t control the main volume from the iPad because the audio is running through USB (with a CCK and powered USB hub for a MIDI keyboard). Anyone an idea what’s the reason for this behavior of the Notepad 12FX? I want to fix this. Maybe if someone from Harman reads my comment they can provide me some solutions.
  • RaymeoRaymeo Posts: 1

    Yes, I have this issue on Mac OS playing audio back results in clipping sometimes, it seems to me to be particularly for streamed audio and when playing more than source at once. Gaining down the volume on sources can fix this but that isn't always an option. Frustrating how limited the USB interface control settings are – feels like a simple gain reduction would solve this.

  • Is there an official website for reporting bugs? Unfortunately everything is the sam for me, even after several OS updates and having an other macbook

  • guitar54guitar54 Posts: 1

    Was this ever resolved? Having the same issue...really annoying!

  • TillTill Posts: 3

    I have the same problem with my iMac Catalina.
    The return signal from the computer on Ch 9/10 is too high.
    Soundcraft needs to fix that. It blows my Genelec off.
    Horrible distortion. There must be an option in the control panel software to reduce the return level.

  • TillTill Posts: 3

    @VinylDinosaur said:
    I don’t think the issue occurs when using a DAW.

    It will. You have to work always with a Brickwall limiter in the sum.

  • Mielie80Mielie80 Posts: 3

    Unfortunately, there’s no reply from Harman whatsoever. The issue still persists and it is ridiculous that the company doesn’t offer any solutions to this problem. I’ve bought a regular audio interface so that I can work normally. I use the Soundcraft mixer sometimes, but not as an audio interface. The amount of clipping and distortion it puts out is not far from damaging my expensive studio monitors. Sure, the Notepad 12 FX is quite affordable, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected by the manufacturer when any issues are being reported. It’s a shame. If Soundcraft/Harman don’t come up with any solutions and/or fixes, then I’m done with this manufacturer. Instead of buying this mixer, you can flush the same amount of money down the toilet. Results are the same.

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