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PLEASE READ ME FIRST: HARMAN Professional Technical Support

HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Posts: 230
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While this forum is a great place for our community to get together, support each other, and talk all things HARMAN... keep in mind this should not be considered a substitute for our live Tech Support. Tech Support engineers may or may not be on the forum helping our users, but the only direct path to proper Tech Support is to call us.

If you're having an issue with a product, feel free to call our HARMAN Pro Tech Support at +1 (844) 776-4899 or on the web at https://pro.harman.com/service . There is a form submission on the website, but I would recommend calling for the quickest service.

This contact number will work for US as well as International, though some regions outside of North America get support directly from the HARMAN distributor in that region. Feel free to check with your distributor on the best method to get your product supported. You are still welcome to call the number above; our Tech Support coordinators can help get you connected to the right person/group regardless.

Each of our Pro brands also has their own dedicated Support pages/resources on their respective websites:

AKG: https://www.akg.com/help
AMX: https://www.amx.com/en-US/support
BSS: https://bssaudio.com/en-US/support
Crown: https://www.crownaudio.com/en-US/support
dbx: https://dbxpro.com/en-US/support
JBL Professional: https://jblpro.com/en-US/support
Lexicon: https://lexiconpro.com/en-US/support
Martin: https://www.martin.com/en-US/support
Soundcraft: https://www.soundcraft.com/en/support

Let us know if you need any other info, and thank you. Enjoy the forums!

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