do ABCD bands matter?

I am using wms 40 mini pros; i have band A and band C. I want to add two or more of the same units to my system. can they be any band ( A B C D) or do they have to be different from the ones I am already using

If i were to get wms 420 units, since they have multiple channels, would I have to use different bands with them or could they be the same bands as either the 420s or the mini pros?


  • Hi, for the WMS40 minis you can add two more units at max! They can be chosen from band version US25 A/B/C/D
    As long as you dont use a band version twice, it will be all right in a 4-channel set up!
    For the WMS420 units you can run up to 8 channels from one band version, depending to your country regulation (for US that would be Band A)
    Cheers, RF

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