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Need pads for K270 headphones

thevaultthevault Posts: 3
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Need pads for K270 headphones....Where can I purchase?


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    thevaultthevault Posts: 3

    Well, I thought I ordered 12 headphone pad sets through Steve at AKG Professional on February 22nd, gave Visa number and waited for them to arrive. NOPE!! Called today and lucky I found the order number since I didn't receive an email and Steve couldn't look up my email for verification. At first Steve said pads were out of stock, then back ordered, then found stock but now he needs Visa number again....

    Canceled order....

    It's sad that Harmon has made AKG Professional group very unprofessional from ordering parts to the products themselves......cheap! Harmon also ruined Studer and Lexicon!

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    HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Posts: 230
    edited March 2019

    Sorry you had an issue with your purchase. I've sent you a PM If you'd like to send me your order number, your name, Steve's last name, other pertinent info, etc.; then I can see what can be done on our end to find your original order.

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    jocondorjocondor Posts: 2

    look on aliexpress.com

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