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A Technician at an Apple Store who is somewhat of an Audiophile recommended AGK Open Back Headphones to me for the type of Music I want to listen to and the type of sound I want. I want to listen to some Classical Music but most importantly I am looking for Clarity, Cleanliness, Sharpness, Separation and Distinction in the sound wth some nice resonance. What models would you recommend? I do not need the most expensive model or the cheapest but the one that is the best value for the money while still producing the sound I am looking for. This Technician at Apple said with the AKG Headphones and the right Amplification, he recommended Schiit Audio in line amplifiers, you can actually detect what Hall the Music was recorded in because each Hall has a certain Signature that you can detect with the right equipment. Thanks, Mike


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    Good friend, unfortunately I'm afraid no one is going to answer you, this forum is full of unanswered questions, if at least there was someone from the company solving doubts it would be fine, I already lost hope that no one would answer, not even addressing them directly , they have the consumers of their products totally unattended. :neutral:

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    2db2db Posts: 9

    Hey, I'm not an expert in classical music but I think any good studio headphones will work. I can recommend ATH m40x because It has a flat frequency response and costs $100, however, you can check this list of headphones too to find more headphones.

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    I can help with some recommendations. I own both the AKG K701 and theK612. I am 76 years old, a recording engineer and do many recordings local schools and universities in my area. I use the closed back AKG K271's for my recording work as they are closed back and keep out room noise. They would be my 3rd choice for just listening.

    I have hearing loss about 6khz, so the Harman headphone curve is an excellent place to start for me and you. The K701's are close to the Harman curve with some irregularities in the HF range, but sound excellent to me and give me the high frequency boost I need to compensate for my hearing loss. I love these headphones and are usually priced in the $200 range.

    I just bought the K612's and they are warmer with added mid bass that is just right with the same extended HF range. I think most folks with good HF hearing would love the K612 which will add a sense of space (the natural room ambience) with natural reverb tails and fuller low-end. I bought mine off a dealer on Amazon for $140.

    I have a pair of low impedance Beyer DT 770s that are just too dull sounding for my hearing. I hardly use them any more. I listen mostly to classical music, piano, jazz, and big band, plus I am a fan of singers of Great American song book music.

    I have had my K701s for 10-15 years, maybe longer. It is nice to have both based on the engineering choices made by the recording engineers and artists. On vocals I want clarity so I can understand the lyrics but can tell after having the K612's for a day they will get much use in my room where I do most of my music mastering and listening.

    I listen on my AKGs over 90% of the time as it would take someone spending over $5 to $10K to obtain what I hear with my AKGs. I also use their microphones, mostly the C-3000's (3), which I have had for over 15 years.

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