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My K872 headphones sound terrible


I bought a pair of AKG K872 headphones almost 2 years ago from a very reputable online dealer, B&H in New York:


I have joined this forum today to ask for some advice. I have never been happy with these headphones. They sound terrible. Very thin, very constrained. My cheap Sony MDR-7506 headphones sound magnitudes better.

When I read reviews of the K872, they usually say nice things about these headphones.

It dawned on me that perhaps I have a counterfeit pair? Seems very unlikely, since B&H is so reputable and also an authorized dealer.

Can anyone here give me some advice on how to determine if they are counterfeit, or otherwise defective?

I don't want to buy another pair just to compare to these.

If it matters, I also have a pair of K812 headphones, and they sound very good. Also purchased from B&H.


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