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AKG c414 XLII impedance output

Hello everyone. I am a happy owner of the XLII. I am considering buying a dedicated preamp for it but I have some questions about its impedance. According to the manual, the output impedance of the mic is around 200 ohms, but the recommended input for the mic preamp must be over 2200 ohms. I have taken a look to different preamps and the values for the input impedance are 1200 or 300 Ohm for Golden Age Project Premier, 450 ohms (LO-Z) or 1.6K ohms (HI-Z) for the UA 610 Solo and 40 / 2k40 / 6k80 for the Focusrite Isa One.

All of them are quite low values comparing them with the recommended value of 2k200 in the manual.

How can affect his to the sound? Should I avoid buying one of these preamps?


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    M4teM4te Posts: 1

    How did you go with this? I also have the same question.


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    I have the AKG 414XL with the UA 610 solo. It work s great! The 610 I believe warms up the vocals, makes them a bit fatter. you may want to upgrade the tubes in the 610. I'm NOT a great singer but for reference, here is a recording USING both in a song I wrote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpsWYDfbOTE
    I hope this helps.

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