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AKG DMS100 & DMS300 : Why "One model NOT recommended is C417L" ?

ColasColas Posts: 1
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Hello everyone,

I just read in Tips and Best Practices for Using AKG DMS100 and DMS300 Digital Wireless Systems :

The bodypack transmitters accept a number of optional 3pin FE mini-XLR AKG headsets or clip-on mics, see [...]

  • AKG 3pin mini FE XLR mic models tested and confirmed include C111LP, CK77WRLP, CK99L, LC81MD, CM311L, C520L, C555L, C518ML and C519ML. One model NOT recommended is C417L.

Why these HF transmitter aren't compatible with a C417L microphone ? What transmitter should I buy instead ?

Thank you for your help.

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