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Information on the Crown Pcc170SW0 boundary Mic

I just purchased several PCC170SW0 mics thinking I would experiment on using them for studio recording. I'm very aware that they were not designed for this purpose but I am curious about them. The SW0 model has a 5 pin jack which uses 2 of the pins for some kind of remote sensing switch that I have no use for. I am trying to figure out how wire a standard xlr to the cable. From my reading it looks like pins 1,2 and 3 should be ground, hot and negative audio. So far that's not working

I've set the dip switches on the bottom for the touch switch to the "on / off" mode and tried touching or tapping the switch in case this activated the mic circuit but nada.

I would love any assistance someone could offer in this regard. The information here on the AKG site seems to be very limited.

Thank you.


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