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Question about AKG C451b

Hi all!
I have a technical question about condenser microphone AKG C451b.
This microphone has a balanced output of course and it's phantom powered.
I see in the schematic (it can be found everywhere in the inernet, for example https://elektrotanya.com/akg_c451b_451bst_sm.pdf/download.html ) that pin2 (hot, non inverted) of XLR connects to the audio circuit, and of course it also carries the phantom power on it. Ok with that. But pin3 (cold, inverted) is not connected to the audio circuit, it only carries the phantom power. So, how can it be the cold (inverted) audio signal?
Am I missing something? If someone can explain to me, please do, I'll be very gratefull.
I see the same with the schematic of AKG C3000 (carefull, the image is upside down): https://xpfasr409.weebly.com/uploads/1/2/5/7/125748899/355598273.png
Thanks in advance.

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