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Wireless microphone band shift

I need your help.
We have purchased wireless microphone system WMS40 MINI with band US 45 A 660.700. Unfortunately our radio agency had sold the band to telecom for 4G use and we now cannot to use microphones because of unreelable signal transmission what is results as drop downs in signal when some mobile phone is receiving or transmitting messages or using internet .

How to relocate the band of the microphone to US 25 A 537.500 or similar US 25 band? I would do it by my self if you would be co kind could inform me is it possible by exchange some parts in transmitter and receiver or it is possible by tuning some elements of circuit .

I would be tanksful if you send to me some instructions or inform me about others possibilities how to solve this band owe lope.



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    Hi...i have the same trouble with my system but is WMS40 (HT40+PT40) with frequency near at 4G band in Italy ( 800MHz). 805.100 and 813.100MHz. I would be thanksful too if the company may send me some instruction or schematic (if it is possible) for change working frequency. I have an electronic laboratory and i can do myself.

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