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Sensibility of K72 vs. K92

Hi all,

I have K72 and use it to play a Roland electronic drums. Wearing is comfort, sound is very nice, inclusive the sound pressure for the range of the audio volume. So, recently I bought** the K92 and for my surprise the sound pressure is less than K72**. I set the audio volume to maximum, but sound pressure behavior is lower than K72. I´ve also tested with my iPhone, and same results.
According to the spec, my experience is not consistency, since sensitivity for K92 is 1 dB SPL/V higher than K72. The sound pressure for K92 must be higher than K72!

K72, sensitivity (dB SPL/V @ 1kHz) = 112
K92, sensitivity (dB SPL/V @ 1kHz) = 113

Please, let me know why does it is happening?
PS:. I can record a video showing this issue, if you also record proving the contrary.


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