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Hello, I am thinking of buying the AKG Y100. I am from Peru from the city of Ayacucho and unfortunately it is not possible to buy directly from the AKG store itself. That is why I am willing to buy the AKG Y100 in Amazon as seen here:


In the Amazon purchase description it is mentioned that the product is "(US Version)" which caused me doubts. What is the implication of buying this US version product for a person from Peru like me? I am not well informed but I have read that when buying products from another country it is necessary to check the voltage they require to work.

When reviewing the AKG Y100 specification sheet on the official AKG website, it is indicated that it has a battery of
" Polymer Li-ion Battery (3.7V, 120mAh) " If I buy this product "US Version" from Amazon will I have problems being from Peru? I mean, here in Peru 220V is used for most products. If the AKG Y100 product is "US version" does it mean that its voltage to work is 110V and that I will need a voltage adapter from 110V to 220V? When reviewing the reviews and unpacking of the AKG Y100 on Youtube I realized that its battery is charged via USB. In my house I have a samsumg charger as seen in the figure:


The input voltage of this charger is 110-240V and the output is 9.0V – 1.67A or 5.0V – 2.0A, would it be ok to use it to USB to charge the AKG Y100?

In short, my question would be:
Being me from Peru,
When buying the AKG Y100 (US version) will I need a voltage adapter (110V USA - 220V Peru) and what type of charger do I need to properly charge the AKG Y100? Will a charger with USB output of 3.7V or 5V or 9V or more be necessary?
What happens if I use a 110-220V adapter and a 3.7V or 5V or higher voltage charger?

The only thing I want is to charge my AKG Y100 correctly so that it doesn't get damaged. I would appreciate your responses.

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