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Why does AKG DMS100 change input/output gain at random when connecting / disconnecting?

Hi everyone,

Apologies if I've missed this in the forums, I did search and nothing came back.
I've trawled a lot of the internet and thought a forum would be the best place to ask.
My setup is this....I'm using an AKG DMS100 Instrument pack to connect my electric bass (passive) to a foot pedal which is directly 3/4" jacked into my combo amp and I am approximately 2-3m away with nothing blocking signal etc. There are 2 other wireless systems in use but when I'm testing this "issue" out, they are always on and stable.

I can connect to my receiver perfectly fine and get a good signal / sound and I am happy with the volume from my amp. After sound check, I will power off my instrument pack so save battery.

When I reconnect / turn on the instrument pack, sometimes (maybe 50% of the time) the input level has massively changed and there is severe distortion in the sound and the output levels seem absolutely massive. I can't figure out what is causing this to happen as it appears random. I can then disconnect, and reconnect and it could be the same or it could be back to the original 'sound check' levels.

Has anybody had any experience with this please? Or could suggest what could cause it. It happens when I test the pack in various other places with no other wireless systems active.

Thanks in advance!

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