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suddenly we have interference on all ourAKG Pro Audio WMS40 Mini2 Vocal Set BD Wireless HH

My live entertainment company has 9 sets of these mics (AKG Pro Audio WMS40 Mini2 Vocal Set BD US45A/C EU/US/UK Wireless Microphone System). 3 of which are brand new.
We've used these mics for years and always been happy until Nov 2022 when suddenly we're experiencing popping and interference on ALL of our 9 mic systems.
We only use 1 unit (2 hand held mics) at one time and we travel all over the country but regardless of where we are, we can't escape the popping and interference. We've changed batteries, cables, locations, distance to speakers, dimmer lighting, and everything else we can think of, but now all 9 units are unusable.
We are located in Ottawa and Toronto Canada. The only thing we can think of is that perhaps the UHF channels'frequencies are not high enough and now too crowded. is that the problem? Is there any fix or are we now stuck with 9 units (3 of them are brand new) that are nothing more than paper weights? Please help. We are a theatre company with a very limited AV budget and AKG mics were our go-to until November.
Is there a FIX???


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    karaokeykaraokey Posts: 1

    Recently joined the forum, similar problems with the 3 sets of wms 40 mini microphones I use, I have been a user of Akg mics for 15 years, never any problems with interference until recently, all 3 sets are unusable now, have reverted to wired mics, did you ever have a response to your post or solution.

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