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DCS pain and bugs

It doesn't look like this forum gets much use, but I thought I would ask anyway.

I am in the process of writing the script for a Novara CP3008, and I'm continually banging heads with the DCS software.
Is it just my install, or is it common for the software to be a pain? It seems particularly buggy to me.



  • AuserAuser Posts: 506
    Sadly, based on my experience it's not just you.

    Firstly it's usual to have issues getting a working installation on your machine due to Bonjour dependencies which are difficult to resolve.

    Secondly, the configuration/development environment seems to be underbaked and to not be getting any love in the form of ongoing development (though I haven't checked whether there have been any significant updates recently in truth).

    The hardware platform seems to have a lot of promise which has not been capitalised on.
  • It looks like there hasn't been any updates since last year. I seem to have the latest.

    Its a shame really, as the hardware seems good, Its massively let down by the really poor software, with glaring bugs, which are making it very difficult, if not impossible to do the simple things I'm wanting.

    I'm stunned by how poor the software is to use this is, and how buggy it is for a product that is not only released for sale, but also has been released for some time
  • AuserAuser Posts: 506
    Count yourself lucky, the software is significantly more capable than when first released.

    When it first came out, just about all you could do with it was set fully custom RGB feedback on the buttons. You couldn't even implement a toggling button. They couldn't do much of what you were able to do with the ProCon predecessors.

    We initially had to return to sites to upgrade firmware on the devices about 7 or 8 times due to different issues, most of which caused the panel to lock up requiring it to be pulled off the wall and power cycled.

    I'm glad that's behind us, but we're still using the devices and they just haven't been updated with the functionality I would have expected AMX to give them. I get the feeling that AMX see them as a dead end product line and have an eye to replacing them outright instead of continuing to develop them. I can't bring myself to believe the alternatives - that AMX aren't developing them to push dealers towards more expensive control equipment or that AMX believe that they are currently a highly capable hardware/configuration environment combination that don't warrant further investment in development.
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