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Scheduling Function

Hi All,

Sorry is this a redundant post, however I'd like to try to gain clarity on a particular function of RMS to see if what I'd like to acheive is possible. Currently, I am using a Web based scheduling software for users to book conference rooms. I'd like to integrate RMS, and touch panels outside of these conference rooms that can have access to that same web based calendar. Ideally, I'd like to have a function, or page that has scheduling functionality on the touch panels, that will communicate two ways to the web based scheduling system that is using an SQL server. If this is possible, would someone be able to provide clarity as to how I can achieve this? My programmer was told a few months back that it will be eventually, however the API's to do this have not been released. I've contacted many different sales engineers and am having trouble finding a detailed response to my question. Alternatively, would it be possible to program a page on the touch panel that could show the web ui instead?

Creative solutions are welcomed! Thanks!
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