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update image in resource library


I was wondering what the best way to update an image in one of my projects (resource library). Currently, I deleted the image which removed it from all the places that it was being used, and then added the new image with the same name. But this way I have to go through and reassign the image in all the places I had it.

Is there some way to just replace the current image with a new one?




  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    Hey Javed, if you open up your TPDesign preferences (Edit -> Preferences) you'll see a tab in there called 'Editor Selection'. Add you image editor(s) of choice in there and save.

    If you now open up your resource editor again you will now see the perviously greyed out 'Edit' button available. Select the resource you'd like to edit, hit edit, do your pixel pushing, save and your done.
  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734
    Maybe more of what the OP had in mind, instead of mounting an editor to manipulate resources (useful to be sure), you can just REPLACE them right in place. Don't delete the old one, as you have seen that removes all the references you want. At the bottom of the IMPORT dialog box, there's a check box to OVERWRITE files with the same name instead of force them to be named "Copy of xxx". With this checked, you can just import and the new images replace the old ones. Note that on VISTA, this check box is missing. It's there on XP and Win7 and Win8. If you simply must use VISTA, you have to set this in the Windows registry settings for TPD4. It's marked clearly, but if you aren't used to editing the registry, DON'T. Just get off of Vista.

    And by the way, if you were to want to find and replace images, fonts, just about any feature of anything, you can do that too. IN the EDIT menu, "Find and Replace". You can do a single page or the whole project.
  • Thanks for the information guys, both good tips, although overwriting the existing images is exactly what I was looking for. As for the Edit button in resource manager, I was wondering why it was disabled.

    Thanks for the info, will definitely save me a ton of time going forward
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