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DVX Hostname length


Does anyone know the max length of the hostname field on a DVX? I have come across a problem where a telnet session to set the hostname gives the error 'Line to long' or something like that. Netlinx Studio says 'Unsuccessful' when trying to set it. Yet I remove one character and it sets ok. My hostname conforms to the standard (starts with a letter and contains no special chars). If it is 19 chars long, it wont accept it but at 18 chars it does.

Hostname/nodename standard says it is capable of 255 chars but I can't find anything on hostname length in the AMX docs.




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    My NI-4100 with v4.1.373 firmware does the same thing. Are you trying to add the suffix to the host name or is your host name really that long? To add the domain suffix use the "set dns" command in the terminal.
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    My host names are really that long. I have well over 50 DVX's that will be installed and the host names reflect the location, type, number, etc. The kicker is that most of the host names are only 19 chars. I just can't fit that extra char in!
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