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Cisco C60 Corporate Address Phonebook Folders - AMx module error


System Overview:
Cisco C60 - TC6.2
NI3100 - Latest Firmware
MXT-701 - Latest Firmware

I am using AMXs module { Cisco_C60_v2_0_6_dr1_0_0 }

A Client has requested that their corporate folder be displayed on the Touchpanel and hence allow them to navigate through it, select a contact and dial them from the panel.

The AMX module doesn't support Corporate Folder extraction (Tech. Support emailed me back saying that there isn't any current timeline to support it). It only extracts and displays contacts that aren't within a folder.

Has anybody written an amended module that supports corporate folder extraction and display?



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    AntAnt Posts: 54
    Thanks Nickm - unfortunately it says i don't have access when i click on the link, plus i can't find anything in search about this thread.
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    mpullinmpullin Posts: 949
    Probably because it's in the ACE forum.
    Also, this seems more like a feature request than a 'module error'
    I guess in a philosophical sense any module that does not do what the client wants is in error
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    nickmnickm Posts: 152
    From the linked thread:
    About a year ago, I spent the time to develop a module that pulls the address book directly from the codec. I've since used it in multiple jobs with great success. With the Cisco/Tandberg API you can go two different routes regarding acks from the device. You can choose either "terminal" or XML. For my module, I chose terminal. Keep in mind, if you use the AMX Duet module for controlling the other functionality of the codec, it uses XML, so you will have to switch modes before and after you perform the phonebook poll.

    Once you switch modes, you simply request the phonebook data you want. In my case, I'm pulling the whole phonebook and storing it in a structure. There's quite a bit of information that comes along with each phonebook entry, including an undefined number of "Contact Methods" for each entry that you'll have to keep track of. I'm limiting my module to just the pertinent info (Name, IP/ISDN, H.323 extension, etc.). As long as you do some basic buffer management and carefully iterate through each line, setting variable flags to keep track of what you're parsing along the way; it's fairly straightforward.

    While I can't hand over my code (the client and my employer own the rights), I'll be happy to answer questions you may have.
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    -- RANT----

    It would be nice if the people who developed modules for AMX posted in the documentation what wasn't supported via the documentation more clearly. That way we wouldn't waste time attempting to implement something that wasn't supported...

    -- END RANT --
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    You can use the old Tandberg/Cisco developed module for phonebook functions. It is a bit out of date at this point, but so far I haven't run into any issues with the basic functionality or the phonebook. I believe it's still available for download on the developer portion of Cisco's website.
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