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Rotation in AMX Studio

Hi all,

Hoping somebody may be able to help me. I'm creating a template using AMX Studio and I want to rotate an image.

So i've added a Rotation effect but none of the axis rotates it the way I want it to.

I just want the image to spin around on the spot, like a 2d rotation, but X Y and Z rotate using 3d rotations.

Anybody know how to do this?



  • Karl,
    Are you wanting to rotate the image along the X axis to create a 3D spinning logo effect like the attached image?


    If so, this is a combination of images that would need to comprise an animated button with multiple states. In the past, I have taken a flat file logo, and sent it out to bid on sites like scriptlance to have a graphic artist render that image with 3D depth and then generate the frames needed to capture the rotation angles. You would then set the animation speed, and generally set the button to Always ON resulting in a constant animation.
  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your reply - I want to do a 2d rotation - on the spot. Like this;


  • mpullinmpullin Posts: 949
    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your reply - I want to do a 2d rotation - on the spot. Like this;


    Sorry, we can't see what you mean. Image won't load.
  • mpullin wrote: »
    Sorry, we can't see what you mean. Image won't load.

  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    Odd, I can see it just fine... Stupid interwebs...

    If you are just looking to create a graphic that does that why not just use the animated button feature in TPDesign and make the button's feedback blink? That way you're not being so spendy on control messages to the panel for a simple annimation.

    If, however, you need to control the state of the animation, then you can do a multi-state level (display only) and send it to whichever frame of the animation you wish.
  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    There are no options for element rotation in the current version of TPDesign. To implement that sort of effect you must first render out each frame of the animation in your graphics of choice, then use the 'Animation Wizard' (found in the 'Button' menu) to apply this image sequence to a button.

    This tool changes the button type to a multi-state general with each of the states housing and frame of the animation. The 'Auto-Repeat' property will also be set to on. From there you can have the feedback either as always on and use a button show/hide command or set the feedback to channel based. When you turn the channel on it will play your animation, when it's off it will show whatever is in frame 1.
  • champchamp Posts: 261

    It's actually not that hard and documented resonably well, just not in an obvious place.

    * Download the GIF
    * convert the gif to png with your favoured tool. I used http://www.pictureresize.org/online-images-converter.html
    * rename the files so the end of their names are in ascending order.
    eg 'Chasing arrows_00.png' through to 'Chasing arrows_08.png'
    There are tools for automating this but if you don't do it regularly it is simple enough to just rename manually.
    * In TPD4 Create a button
    * Select 'Button' > 'Animation wizard'
    * select 'Bitmap' > 'Add' > 'Import'
    * select all of your images, highlight them all and slect 'OK'
    * Keep ppressing 'next' then 'finish' and you have your animation
    * set 'Auto-Repeat' to yes
    * give it a channel number
    * turn on the feedback channel number when you want it to spin
  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for your responses, but I can't see any of those menu options anywhere?

    Just to be clear I am using Inspired Signage Studio to create templates for our Inspired Signage Solution

  • Karl,
    My apologizes. Composer Studio is not a publicly supported tool. When you were given the tool, this should have been explained to you. To my knowledge, there are fewer than 5 sites globally that have access to this software. As a result, the user community for knowledge is quite small and generally not at this forum.

    My suggestion would be to open existing templates to reverse engineer the animations. Although a simple gif-like animation would seem easy, it is not quite as easy as you would hope within Composer Studio -- hence why AMX does not release the software. My hope is that this would eventually be rolled into 1 singular software that has a manual and is fully supported by AMX Tech Support - but that is not the case at this time.
  • champchamp Posts: 261
    I assumed you meant TPDesign, you should have posted this in the Inspired Signage section of the site and referred to the program as IS Studio.

    The Z dimension rotates clockwise.
    * Set the main playlist Timespan Alignment to 'Start' and duration to 1 second
    * Set the image rotation effect Alignment to 'Throughout' and 'Start Z' to 180
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