Elk Alarm Panels Communications and AMX module

I am trying to integrate our first Elk- M1 alarm panel and I am having trouble with the communications. I have tried 2 different Masters NI-3000 and NI-4100 and the AMX demo module and is not working properly. It warns that you need to define the IP address, but I only need to control it serially. Can these panels work serially or only via IP? Do I need a special adapter or part to make it IP? The AMX module still defines it to a serial port on the NI.
I wonder if any of you out there that have successfully integrated with the Elk would be willing to share a custom module with me. The AMX module has a lot of extras, queries that may make it more confusing to the end user and it is also page dependent. I am looking for something that I can just add to a regular project. Any help will be well appreciated.




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