Samsung 460MX-3 power control strings?

pcuserpcuser Junior MemberPosts: 7
Hi Guys, I'm hoping someone can assist with power control strings for a Samsung 460MX-3 display.
Currently I am using the comm module 'Samsung_Syncmaster400FP3_Comm_dr1_0_0' to switch the displays on & off.
I am controlling the displays with rs232 and using the module for power control. The problem that I'm having is that it will sometimes not send power control strings to the display. I am using 3 instances of the module; one for each display. Currently none of the displays are working with the module.
All I need to do is switch the displays on or off. Does someone have known working strings to operate the power control for the displays they would like to share?
Instead of persevering with the module, I would like to send the power on/off strings to the displays. Display ID's are set to zero, one rs232 port per display.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

Cheers ma dears ;-)


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