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Symnet 8x8 DSP

I am taking over an existing system that includes a NI2000 and a Symnet 8x8. The symnet handles all audio routing and volume controls or all zones. I have not ever used one of these before. The NI2000 ethernet port is flakey and we are looking at replacing with a NI2100. Original programmer of course did not leave source code, have not been able pull the TKN file out of it, so looking at writing a new program. I found a Duet module for it but not sure how to use it for volume ramping or switching commands. Been looking all over Symetrix's site and cannot find an actual RS232 protocol guide that shows all commands including switching and volume controls. Not sure at this point I can write a program to control switching an volume controls. Does anyone have experience with these? I am signed up to complete their online trainng and will do so, probably this weekend, but list of courses does not look like there is any coverage on this info. I have been able to use FileZilla to pull IR files down from the NI2000, but they appear empty when i open them with IREdit. The only files i see listed on master are the IR files, no other files show. Am i missing something to find the TKN? This is my first time replacing a controller without having the program available to me.

Any assistance is highly appreciated.

Thank you


  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,713
    Note that the "IRFILE" files you see in FTP are useless if downloaded.... they are a stub created by the operating system upon an IR file being loaded in the IR ports. This "file" merely holds the metadata - the labels - from the IR file that was uploaded, and their only purpose is to be be there if you use EXTRACT in IREDIT to get an IR file out of a port. If the "file" is not there or corrupted, you can't extract the actual IR as there will be no labels. So don't molest them, leave them be. Also, if you ever do FTP them out for backup or whatever, force your FTP client to use BINARY mode. If using "automatic", FTP will believe these to be plain text files and will download them in "ASCII" mode, which strips all the high bits and renders the file completely corrupt.

    Read the HELP files on EXTRACT in IREDIT if you want to get the IR files out. It's a hoot. Works, but OMG. Also beware trying to do advanced work in IREDIT (like editing!) using anything newer than Windows XP. You'll watch plenty of fast exits to the desktop.

    Don't let children play nearby you when using IREDIT in general. They're likely to be exposed to some really foul language. If there is one AMX app that deserves a fresh start, it's IREDIT.
  • JasonSJasonS Posts: 229
    If you have a computer running Linux (you could use a live disk if not) and a USB compact flash reader you can pull the .tkn file from the compact flash. I have never actually restored a program this way but I assume it would work. You would probably have to do the same to put the .tkn on the new master.

    Also, I think all of the serial commands are in the help system for the symnet program. From what I remember the protocol is fairly easy to deal with.
  • rmjstsrmjsts Posts: 19

    Thanks guys, I am going to try to copy the TKN from the CF Card in the NI2000 and paste to the CFCard in the NI2100 and see if the program runs correctly. If so I am OK, beats trying to replicate the original program and try to match the Touch Panel, too much feedback involved to be able to this effectively. I am not sure I want to write a new program for this either. Customer is used to the inferace and feed back, and if I write a new program some of that is likely to change. especially with my limited knowledge of the Symnet protocols.
  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,713
    Looks like you didn't look at the link CHAMP posted for you. It takes you to a simple 2 minute process to extract the code via IP, no disassembly required.
  • JasonSJasonS Posts: 229
    Nice! I didn't follow the link either, much easier. I have had to use the disassembly method for Netlinx units requiring service.
  • rmjstsrmjsts Posts: 19
    Next time

    Actually i just completed copying from old 32mb card to the new NI2100 512 mb card. All works and is much faster. While looking in the old card I found the the axs source file(although does not show in NS receive function, comes up empty), but it is password protected. Original tech is nowhere to be found to have him open the file or remove password. Guessing no way to get past that, even via AMX tech support.
  • GregGGregG Posts: 251
    Since the src file is just really a normal zip file, it uses the same password protect methods that normal zips do - so the only option to get into them is brute force password guessing.

    There are programs and services for hacking that kind of thing, but unless the password is short or a common word, it would be faster to rewrite the program.
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