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Paging Gateway for ModeroX Intercom

Anyone successfully implemented paging though a line-level input to a paging system with the Modero X panels. I found a SIP paging interface online, but guessing I'd have to use the CSG to make that work. Other thoughts?



  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    The CSG has been discontinued but you may have some success with 3CX or digium gateways. I haven't personally used either but have heard positive reports from others.
  • travtrav Posts: 188

    The CSG was just a re badged Digium iirc.

    I've integrated the SIP from Modero panels into third party IP Based PBX systems. As long as you can register a SIP client to it, you should be OK.

    I've used 2 Linux based distributions as well and had panels and ECOM unit register to it just fine.

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