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NI-3100 Slow Communications

I have a master that corupted a CF card during a new program load. Card was replaced and original program reloaded, but RS232 send communications are very slow (3+ seconds from command sent to TX light blink). With a full program loaded it can be 10+ seconds.

Tried a reset facory and card format. Even with no program loaded (card format) the delay is still long.

I tried reloading the firmware and the main firmware works, but the 1.30.8 HCS12 firmware will not complete the load (stays on please wait while the system finishes). Even left it overnight.

Any ideas on why this is goign so slow? Tried a different CF card as well, same result. This is on my private test LAN so there is no external devices attempting to connect.


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Part of a firmware is on the CF card, and part is on a NVRAM, so if they mismatch, it could be causing your issue. Since the firmware wouldn't load properly, I think this may be your problem. When swapping CF cards, you have to at least be close to the firmware on the NVRAM. As for solutions, you might have to send it to AMX.
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    I've now loaded a new card with a factory image matching the firmware versions, did a clean disk -f and flipped up dip switch 1 to not load a program.

    Unit keeps losing network connection and then recovers on its own. Eventually it reboots.

    Looks like the 5001 is going offline

    Local devices for system #10 (This System)
    Device (ID)Model (ID)Mfg FWID Version
    00000 (00299)NI Master (00001)AMX LLC 00380 v3.60.453
    (PID=0:OID=0) Serial='210505x5080164',0,0
    Physical Address=IP (00:60:9f:93:be:b3)
    (00299)vxWorks Image (00001) 00378 v3.60.453
    (PID=0:OID=1) Serial=N/A
    (00299)BootROM (00001) 00379 v3.60.453
    (PID=0:OID=2) Serial=N/A
    05001 (00286)NI-3100 (00001)AMX LLC 00383 v1.30.8
    (PID=0:OID=0) Serial='N/A',0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,
    Physical Address=Internal Connection

    Any other ideas?
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    champchamp Posts: 261
    I think it's time to call tech support.
    There is either a hardware fault, programming issue or site issues.
    Take the unit to another site and test it.
    Drop a program with one device and one button event and see if it is still slow.
    Disconnect all network devices except the master and a single touch panel.
    If all those tests fail the unit is faulty.
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