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NI 3100 Lockup

Our NI3100 lock up all the time, we updated firmwares and but still. Can not send command from Studio to control devices either unliess we reboot the master. It show message as attached. Please help.


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Unfortunately, that's not really enough to go by. Messages pending just means the system is too busy to process its message queue, it says nothing as to what is causing the problem. A better test would be to open the notifications window and see what is going on. You likely either have something that is sending way too much data (feedback in mainline is a good culprit for that, but even that you can get away with if the system is otherwise not too busy), or a device that is cranking out more than your system can handle. Device notifications will point you in the right direction for either.

    If notifications don't provide a clue, you probably have an endless loop somewhere or a recursive function that is overloading memory.
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    Thank you, Dave

    Will check as your advice.
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