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Full HDD

Hi all,

We have 6 IS-XPT-2000 players and on one the HDD is full. What is the best thing to do in this situation?

Is there a way to factory reset the player? Or an image that can be loaded to take it back to factory defaults?

If not, what is the best way to go about removing files? What can / can't I delete?


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    champchamp Posts: 261
    Before you start deleting stuff you will need to stop the player service or it will keep rewriting it back from memory. To do this connect to the player on port 25001
    http://<player url>:25001
    user name: admin
    password: **** // the password is in IS-PLAYER-200.InstallationGuide.pdf (it is not in the 2000 or 2100 manual)
    Stop the player service.

    Connect to the data drive of the player from windows.
    \\<player url>\c$\data
    user name: administrator
    password: ********* // The password is hidden in InspiredXPert.OperationReferenceGuide.pdf

    You can either delete stuff from here or my preferred method is to delete the whole folder and replace it with a fresh copy.

    Email support@amxaustralia.com.au and ask them for the passwords I didn't supply and a login to their ftp site where there is a clean copy of the data drive at:
    ftp://ftp.amxaustralia.com.au/amxdealer/Firmware/inspired/Clean data folder - IS-XPT-2000 - v1.8.4/Data/

    When you are done start the Player service again.

    If you are happy just deleting stuff then here's what I have figured is in the data folder.
    You can delete most stuff in there, when you re-publish to the player all the required files are restored.
    Delete all of the image and video files, if they are important they will be restored when you publish next.

    I don't recommend deleting the following. These are what is on the player when you firat get it.

    *.pool // these are the playlists. You can delete these files and they will be restored when you publish next.
    *.itm // these are the item files / messages. You can delete most of these as they will be restored when you publish next
    *.tdf // these are the type definition files that tells Composer what users can change in the itm file with the same name when they open the message in Composer. You can delete these too, they will be restored on the next publish.
    *.tga // targa image files, these are normally preview images. You can delete these, they will be restored.
    *.ttf // font files

    By the way, I found most of this out from an old IS-XPT-2000 manual. The current manual doesn't mention any of it.
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