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Cisco DTA170HD

My cable provider came and installed one of these at my house. I'm trying to find IR codes for it. there is a bit of buzz on the interwebs about these things, mostly how universal remotes don't work very well. I don't have an IRIS, and I can't find a good IR file for my NI-2000. so now I have a touch panel and have to change channels with the stupid remote. There is an external IR reciever jack, direct connection would be cool. Of course because this my personal system, the budget is $0

any help would be appreciated


  • tweekendtweekend Junior Member Posts: 15
    Have you found anything that works? We have the same model here that was just installed in the board room of a school district and I am striking out on finding an IR code that gives me control over the box for channel changing.

    Thanks in advance
  • Jim JohnsonJim Johnson Junior Member Posts: 24
    Nope, I've dug around the interwebs and tried a few hex code sets i put into IRedit, But no luck.
  • KennyKenny Junior Member Posts: 209
    Have you tried the Motorola DCT series of IR codes?
    I recently ran across a Cisco that was actually a Motorola.
  • Jim JohnsonJim Johnson Junior Member Posts: 24
    Success!! It wasn't the Motorola that worked though. It was a scientific Atlanta Set top box file that did the trick. The file is: scient09.irl
    This seems to work with the flasher, I have not tried with the direct wire yet. I also haven't tried all the functions but the 0-9 work for channel changing.
    Apparently Cisco bought Sci Atl.
    now I can put the remote back in the drawer where it belongs!
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