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AXC-X10 Firmware Upgrade

I got my hands on an AXC-X10 card & dove into trying to add functionality to talk to my 52 Smarthome Switchlinc devices from my Netlinx system. I was soon able to get control of the devices working flawlessly, but could not get any on/off status or query responses from any of the switches. After much head-scratching, I figured out that the functionality was non-existant until firmware version 2.00 of the axcess card. Seeing I have version 1.10, and a few emails to tech support, I need a firmware update, which turns out to be a whole MC68HC705 processor with the code on it.
I was told I should order the following: FG747 firmware chips v2.00

I do not have a current relationship with a dealer, and need a source for this chip. Any dealers out there who could sell me this chip? Or, if someone has the microcode for version 2.00 & could email it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    So you're the one that out bid me! Did you get the first or second one on Ebay?

    I'll be glad to order them for you. Any idea what they cost?

    Kevin D.
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Heh, I wonder how I missed that one, I've been looking for an X-10 card for some time now.
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    AdaptelAdaptel Posts: 41
    Too Funny

    I believe I won the first one! I have been looking for one of these cards on Ebay (where I get almost all my AMX stuff) for well over a year now. When one popped up, I jumped at the chance! Of couse it came up soon after I finally got my own custom NL X-10 module working using an RS-232 smarthome powerlinc. I still like the "cleaner" solution of using the AXC-X10 though.
    What is the availability/price of the firmware upgrade? Thanx.
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