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TPI4 In Slow Mo

Eric YoungEric Young I should be at the beach.Posts: 14
I have two TPI4s that the buttons do not respond quickly like normal. Even with buttons with momentary feedback might not respond until the third press. It is like every button has a 4 second modal function. There are no large graphic files. All IP addresses are It has current firmware and is on a closed network with 5 devices. The network has no wireless IP devices. Even weirder is I have another room in the building with another TPI4 with the same layout and the same problem.
I do not see any errors appearing in Diagnostics.
Any ideas?


  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    You might try telneting into the panel itself. It too has a diagnostics set of commands. My guess though is a corrupt TP file. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to correct those. I've found the corruption seems to follow the copy/paste from one file to another.

    To test this make a new TP file and see if those buttons are slow.
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