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New feature: maybe called "Profile fallback"

I have a client who would like profile 1 (home/internal connection) to try and connect first, then if it fails, fallback to profile 2 (away/data/external connection). Maybe set it up as an option in profile 1 - to use profile 2 as it's fallback after X tries (which would allow a chain of longer length if set up to fallback from 2 to 3, etc, or flip flopping from 2 back to 1 to try home again).


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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734
    One profile should do. If you have an away profile, with an outside dns name or IP, in most router configurations, that will resolve from inside the network as well. Does for me and many of our customers.... a few routers don't like it, but mostly old and unfeatured ones....
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    GregGGregG Posts: 251
    There are also other settings that are different between the 2 profiles. But yes, most normal home routers know what to do with a dns name that points to itself and then has forwarding on the port through the nat.

    However, connecting as a different device from outside allows things like adding password protection to the whole panel or just disabling security system access, etc.
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