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NI-4100 RS232-wire Radiora2


I have to control a lutron Radiora2 from a NI-4100 on port1, I'm using the Duet Module for lutron Radiora2.
I have follow all the ''following steps'' from the doc, but seems not to work.
I have an RS232 M-F
pin 7M and pin 8M are connect
pin 7F and pin 8F are connect
pin 5M and pin5F connect
pin 3M connect to pin 2F with pin 2M connect to pin 3F

have also try with
pin 3M connect to pin 3F with pin 2M connect to pin 2F

My define are the same so I made a copy/paste except for the dimmers id
and for testing I send this command every sec
send_command vdvLutronRadioRA2, "'LIGHTSYSTEMLEVEL-6:D1,0,2'"
but nothing happening even at the front panel TX/RX

but if I use this command
send_string dvLutronRadioRA2, "$00,$00,$00,$00"
the front led Tx will power ON/OFF

So I'm thincking I have miss something on my cable and the duet module is not sending the signal.

Maybe I should wire the RTS and CTS from both side or the DTR and DSR from db9 also?

Thanks for your help


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    champchamp Posts: 261
    First check the virtual device is online, if not then update firmware.
    It's probably an issue where the Duet module is using functions that are not in the firmware on the master and erroring out.
    Try telnetting into the master and upping the duet memory using SET DUET MEM
    If the virtual device is online and no strings are being sent then send the command DEBUG-4 to the virtual device and watch what it prints to the diagnostics window as this may give you a clue to the fault.

    Don't worry about wiring until you are seeing strings going out of the serial port.
    You don't need to wire CTS and RTS because sending strings direct to the port is working.
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    CedricCedric Posts: 32
    Ok thanks,

    So the virtual device wasn't online in the online tree
    The update firmware for the master solve the problem.
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