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COMBINE_LEVELS not working with DMS's.

Anyone run into this? I was trying to have two DMS's control volume in one zone. Setup a vitual level, assigned everything correct and neither DMS would update the virtual (nor would the virtual update either DMS).

I'm guessing that since the DMS level's are all ready virtual (As part of a module no less) and they are not the standard 0-255, I'm just asking too much.

I wound up doing a SEND_LEVEL to the other DMS in the LEVEL_EVENT of each of them. Had to have a lock-out flag for each way (so if DMS1 sends a level to DMS2, DMS2 doesn't send it back to DMS1, vice-versa & etc...) It's clunky and ugly, but works.

Kevin D.


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    COMBINE_LEVELS not working with DMS


    I ran into the same problem 18 months ago -- was not able to tie DMS levels to a virtual device along with other physical devices for level tracking or level control. I also had a project identical to yours in that we wanted to keep 2 DMS in sync tracking volume level in a zone and we ended up doing the same thing you did for your project. It seems like all of the original Landmark devices have limitations with regards to level handling under Netlinx. The AS8 and AS16 will report levels but levels can not be combined and used for control (same for the AMP8). I ran into similar problems working with the PLK-MSP keypads in terms of level handling limitations under Netlinx.

    The DMS is no exception when it comes to level handling limitations under Netlinx. This is one of the reasons why dealers have been begging for a new keypad for years - one that is IP based, has a nicer interface, and one that can be programmed consistently under Netlinx such as the ability to combine levels for reporting and control.

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    Thank you! I was really about to lose confidence in my abilities...

    Kevin D.
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