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Smart TV with fully IP/232 control

AvargasAvargas Junior MemberPosts: 57
Hi everyone,

I'm having problems to find a smart TV with a decent control via ethernet.

I've heard about Sharp being the only manufacturer with IP control.

Could you please recommend me any model or manufacturer?



  • davegrovdavegrov Junior Member Posts: 114
    Sharp TV

    I do control one Sharp display on my demo system with RS-232. I believe the IP Control protocol is identical. There are some issues with these protocols. First you can not use the Energy Savings Mode and second is that with IP sockets remaining open. In theory it sounds great for feedback, but IR control is simple and works with user feedback right in front of the user. Discrete IR and tying the button feedback to the correct pulse works well. One caveat is to make sure you leave enough time between pulses to select the correct input.

    David Groves
    High IQ Homes of Texas, LLC
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